About Us

The Havana Club Rum Museum is the place to go if you want to learn about the art of Cuban rum.


More than 2 million visitors have toured its galleries and tasted Havana Club 7 at the end of their visit. Rum grew along Cuban identity and Havana Club is an outstanding champion of rum culture. In order to have a fuller understanding of this spirits background and production, we first learn about the sugar cane and how its harvest changed the curse of our history. It made our island not only the Greater Antilles but also the Cradle of Light Rum.


Museo del RonMuseo del RonMuseo del Ron


Here you can know everything about our traditions. From the Masters of Cuban Rum to the bartenders.

Cuban bartenders have unique know-how when it comes to customer service. The cocktail tradition of the Cuban bartenders is truly unique.

In addition to history, in the Museum you can get to know each product, its authors and its characteristics, its combination forms in pairings and cocktails.


Museo del RonMuseo del Ron